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May 2017 Update

No one ever talks about what happens after being told a time limit to live the life that you had before.
I was told I would be black out blind by 2019, and I lived a few years of being beaten down to the point of total hopeless. I was at one point, on eye drops every 2 hours and I was unable to walk outside.
Now, I don't even have a regular basis eye doctor and I can walk in the sunlight.
I can walk, in the sunlight.
No one ever talks about that.
About relearning who you are, how to be, and how to live your life now that you are given time back, when you were once told and proven that you have 5 years until you are black out blind.

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

My family and I are very grateful for all of the love and support during this time, though I am no longer active on social media : For as long as I can see I will continue to run Micro Collages via my website, make art, and talk to the ones who made my life, my vision, my dreams possible. Thank you for all of the love and support, for reaching out to me, for sharing my website and of course adding my art to you local bars, clubs and in your home.

I will one day return to social media.

Right now I am currently in love with my plants, my pets and of course my dream of owning my own home.

I am still missing my eye doctor who moved far away from me, the reality of her being gone still hurts me.

She saved my eyes.

There is something very much not spoken about in the medical field, and within the chronic illness community :

How do you learn to live, find who you are, after the damage is done?

Create something today my friends,

for you are the only one who can.

Because I had a fire, a passion, and desire. Thank you Glaucoma for without you, I would have not found my reason to fight for my own life.

Check out my newest collage by clicking : : Here.

I love to talk with new people, I enjoy sharing my story and would love to answer any questions about my art, Glaucoma, who I am and what I do. For Questions about, Glaucoma, sales, press, or public Art :
: Contact Me