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Letter From The Mother

23 years old, 9 major surgeries, going on 10. She is a Survivor , desperately clinging to her eyesight and newly found independence.

Two years ago, at the age of 21 my daughter, Mariah, was diagnosed with Glaucoma. She has suffered various, non-traditional symptoms due to the high IOP  (high 30’s) including blackouts and two trips to the ER for unexplained reasons. She has suffered emotionally and psychologically as well, and she is very frightened at the thought of losing her eyesight.  She has been prescribed every eye-drop available, independently and in combination, at maximum levels possible. For two years, it has been trial and error – mostly errors to the extent that they failed.

The time has come. Her wonderful doctors at Casey Eye Institute have decided she will need surgery on both eyes. This has always been the hardest part for me, as Riah's mom. I've handed her over to surgeons nine times since birth, and it will never be easy. Her first glaucoma surgery is scheduled for September 28th. 

She is an amazing, yet struggling artist, up-and-coming onto the Portland scene. It seems that what we value most in our life  is what is threatened. A pianist’s nimble fingers become stiffened by crippling arthritis. A singer is stricken by an ailment that silences his vocal cords. An artist’s main tools become weak, vulnerable, and possibly blind. 

Life is not fair. It will never be fair. But she is winning in the game of life, because her success rate for getting through horrible days, and nine surgeries, is 100%.

I love to talk with new people, I enjoy sharing my story and would love to answer any questions about my art, Glaucoma, who I am and what I do. For Questions about, Glaucoma, sales, press, or public Art :
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