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For Three Days

You have been 5 years sober. He has a 5 year old blonde curly headed haired blue eyed daughter. She has had her dog for 5 peaceful years. They have been in a 5 year long loving marriage in a 5 year old home that has seen their 5 year old daughter walk for the very first time. In 5 years I will have breathed for 27 years. I will have seen my cousins reach their dreams. I will see my dog die.I will have sent letters to children who know more about death than the 97 year old women in a home with blue hues. I will see my dreams that I don’t have now come true. I will see the pain that keeps you awake. I will be visually impaired.

In one year you will become num to the deaths you have witnessed. In one year you will fall for the boy at the Starbucks. In one year you will smile at the child in the shopping cart at the Albertsons with his father. In one year you will have finished the project that is currently unfinished and alone in the below freezing 2 car garage. In one year the ants will be back to eat the left over bread crumbs from the Sunday morning breakfast last weekend that you shared with your supportive mother. In one year I will be attending college. In one year I will be walking into the grey skied flooding park. In one year I will have found a new favorite band. In one year I will have more money in the bank. In one year the tests will come back positive for worsening Glaucoma.

3 days without sleep leaves you with the feeling of a hard night out with your best friends from middle school. 3 days without water gives you a desperate need to find liquid. In 3 days if the girl that gives you the most gratification doesn't learn to breast feed she will return to heaven. 3 days ago I was told I have 5 years until I’m black out blind. In 3 days I will find the ability to breathe. In 3 days I will be able to comprehend a full sentence in my mind. In 3 days my emotions to live for the wood pecker that is un-able to be seen in the tree’s will bring a feeling in my chest that rises to my brain back down to my mouth that brings an instant smile. In 3 days I will feel loved. In 3 days I will be different. In 3 days I will have lived for 72 hours. In 3 days I will live for the year, I will live for the 5. Tonight, let me live for the 3 days.

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I love to talk to new people, I enjoy sharing my story and would love to answer any questions about my art, Glaucoma, who I am and what I do. For Questions about, Glaucoma, sales, press, or public Art :
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